Boris left dangling
Boris left dangling

People are rightly furious at Boris Johnson’s fascist, authoritarian announcement regarding the proroguing of Parliament. As one Labour commentator said, “I voted Leave to increase democracy, not to reduce it. This is outrageous.”

Johnson is clearly set on a No Deal Brexit but being the cynical person he is, he’s looking to blame everyone else for the catastrophe about to unfold. He can’t get away with blaming Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn anymore, so he’ll blame the EU for being intransigent.

Next week will be interesting. Question is what can we do in the meantime? As soon as the announcement was made, we called upon Johnson to have the courage of his convictions and call an immediate General Election. If people really want a No Deal Brexit then they can vote for it. But if their real concerns are the impact of ongoing austerity, job cuts and reduced funding to the NHS then they can vote Labour.

With at least two court cases being heard and plans afoot for political manoeuvres in Parliament, the general public are in a state of confusion. Two people told me last week ‘We just want it over with’. But one wanted a No Deal while the other wanted Brexit cancelled. So what can be done?

On the ground the Lib Dems and Greens are organising a rally in Hull at 11am in Queen Victoria Square on 31 August. There appears to be no official Labour support for the event which isn’t so surprising as the Lib Dems are looking for every opportunity to further their Hull City Council by-election campaign and the Greens are hanging on their coat tails. And in the Brexit referendum, the disenfranchised working class of Hull voted overwhelmingly for Leave so it’s not likely to go down well with the general public. It’s also the case that Labour has a national day of action planned for the following Saturday with events happening across Hull and the East Riding.

Johnson has no intention of doing a deal. To paraphrase the Godfather:  “He’s making them an offer they can’t accept.” It’s outrageous that he and his lickspittles will suggest that parliament, if successful next week, is to blame. It’s also insulting of him to think that the rest of us are so gullible. But until we get an alternative Socialist government, austerity will continue to destroy people’s lives, which is why a General Election must be our goal and the return of a Corbyn administration.

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