The MP for Beverley and Holderness is incredibly out of touch with voters
The MP for Beverley and Holderness is incredibly out of touch with voters

Over the course of the Conservative Party’s tenure as the government (including the period as the biggest party in a coalition), Graham Stuart’s majority has increased. At the 2019 General Election he got 62.1% of the vote – an increase of 3.7% compared to 2017.

However, he is showing more and more signs that he is out of touch with the public and his recent decisions show that he is not fit for public office and certainly not as a representative for the people of Beverley and Holderness.

Sky News

In this video, you can see an appearance by Stuart on Sky News. In the interview, he blames remain voters for the anger over the rule breaking Christmas Party.

In the referendum on Brexit, approximately 22,100 voted remain – a huge number that can be a winner in general elections (he would have still won with that amount in 2019). Also, the turnout was 67.2%, so it’s highly likely that a large section of the non-voters wanted to remain in the EU too. Those comments instantly alienate a large section of the voters in his area – people who he is supposed to understand and represent effectively.

That lack of sensitivity does nothing to increase the number of votes and if anything, it shows he doesn’t care. This is just one thing that shows he isn’t fit to be a representative for this area.

Votes in 2021

Graham Stuart
Graham Stuart's major votes in 2021

In 2021, Graham Stuart did the following:

  • Voted to allow private companies to continue duping sewage in our rivers
  • Did not vote to keep the Universal Credit uplift
  • Voted to allow MPs to keep dodgy second jobs
  • Voted for a tax hike on the lowest earners to fund social care
  • Did not vote to keep funding free school meals

When it comes to sewage, the evidence shows that some of the worst offences are in the Yorkshire Water area. A storm overfill on Beverley Beck discharged sewage for a total of 161 hours in 2019. In Lambwath, one drain discharged sewage for a total of 328 hours. These are just two of many examples where your water supply is being polluted on a regular basis. I am sure you don’t want polluted water, but Graham Stuart voted against effective measures to control it.

Whilst the average earnings in he East Riding of Yorkshire is higher than average, there are still a significant number of Universal Credit claimants across the region – including Beverley and Holderness. It’s important to remember that Universal Credit (UC) is a top up benefit. This means that you may be eligible for it, even if you are in work. So, you cannot just look at the unemployment figures. During the pandemic, a huge number of people have lost their jobs and seen there income drop dramatically. Around her and across the country, Universal Credit has proven to be an absolute lifeline. It’s important to remember that the effects of the pandemic are still being felt, so when the Conservatives decided to end the Universal Credit uplift, that meant that many people in this constituency became £1000 per year worse off, which could lead to an increase in debt, but also affects the local economy. It’s true to say that it was originally meant as a temporary uplift, but there are strong, legitimate arguments for extending it or making the uplift permanent.

There was also huge controversy over the funding of free school meals during this pandemic. It made all the sense in the world to ensure that children have the best possible nutrition. The government’s decisions were universally derided and Graham Stuart supported them. It took the tireless activities of so many people to fix this. This is one of the many things that shows how out of touch Graham Stuart is.

The VAT cut

The cost of living crisis is having a huge effect on the people of this constituency. Fuel prices have gone up, food prices too. One major area is your energy bills. Labour had a plan to cut VAT that would have saved you hundreds of pounds at a time when it’s most needed. What does Graham Stuart do? He votes against it – letting the crisis continue.

On Twitter

Graham Stuart thinks it
Graham Stuart thinks it's a 'media lynch mob'

Last year, Graham Stuart was sacked from his job in International Trade. Despite that, he has become a vocal supporter of Boris Johnson’s leadership. Perhaps he feels that he can get another ministerial role by doing this.

On social media and on TV, he has claimed that Johnson gets the big decisions right on things like vaccines and the economy, as well as saying that any criticism of him is nothing but a ‘media inspired lynch mob’.

Recent polling shows that Boris Johnson has a favourability rating of -52 and only 20% have a favourable opinion. He is now considered to be even less popular than Theresa May. Also, research has shown that only a third of Tory voters back him as Prime Minister.

So, in short…

So Graham Stuart has voted for measures that negatively affect the people of Beverley and Holderness, as well as the environment they live in. He has been vocally critical of large sections of the population that he supposedly represents. He has been vocally supportive of a Prime Minister and party leader that is a proven liar and disliked by the majority of the country.

Graham Stuart is a man that’s out of touch and doesn’t care.

He is not fit to be the MP for the people of Beverley and Holderness.

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