Nev Holgate was part of the anti-Poll Tax demonstrations
Nev Holgate was part of the anti-Poll Tax demonstrations

The Tory government of the day
Have thought up ways to make us pay
They came up with a plan so rash
To part us from our hard earned cash
A poll tax that was so insane
Duke or dustman – pay the same
In stately home or shed
“All are equal” Maggie said
Then the government set a figure
Which local authorities soon made bigger
To every house from coast to coast
Poll tax demands came through the post
With ways to pay – if you read it
Monthly instalments or direct debit.
What has made this tax so mean –
All should pay it once eighteen
The poor protested “this isn’t funny”
It’s no excuse not having money
What the hell does Maggie care
If this poll tax is unfair
The government said they’d find a way
To deduct it from our pay
Or if our bank balance was too grim
The bailiffs then would be sent in
So now throughout this outraged land
People said “we’ll make a stand!”
In every town and every city
They formed an anti-poll tax committee
Those who were prepared to rough it
And tell old Maggie where to stuff it
“Well fight this poll tax so injust
And you can jail us if you must
At least we will be clothed and fed
And have a place to rest our head”
So then who really pays the costs
Who has won and who has lost?
Laws are made and laws are changed
Governments can be re-arranged.
So stuff this tory tax collection
We’ll change the lot at the next election!

Nev Holgate was an East Riding Labour Party councillor from 1995 to 2007.
He is very proud of taking part in the Anti-Poll tax demonstrations
as well as against many other injustices that were happening.
He wishes more Labour Party members would do the same!

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