Boris Johnson survived a confidence vote
Boris Johnson survived a confidence vote

As many of you will have seen, Boris Johnson faced the prospect of a vote of no confidence in his leadership of the Conservative Party yesterday. Defeat would have led to an immediate resignation and we would have eventually seen a new Tory leader and new Prime Minister.

However, he survived the vote and carries on regardless. He called it “a convincing result, a decisive result”. Whilst the 211 to 148 result gives him a majority of 63, it is impossible for this embattled, embarrassing failure of a Prime Minister to move on and do what he wants in the way he did before.

41% voted against him. 41% wanted change. 41% thought he wasn’t the right choice to be the party leader and feel there is a real prospect of a loss at the general election. That sort of division is significant and has been noticed by the public.

Other Prime Ministers have been forced out after a successful confidence vote – Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May are examples. Boris Johnson may be the next.

A lack of public support

Sir Keir Starmer has said:

“The public have made their mind up about this man, they don’t think he’s really telling the truth about many, many things, not just Partygate, but just a general sense that this man doesn’t really tell the truth and can’t be trusted”

It’s true – the public don’t trust Boris Johnson anymore after a serious of catastrophic events, chronic mismanagement and bringing the office of the Prime Minister into disrepute. A poll of polls shows he hasn’t had at least a 50% approval rating since June last year despite winning a majority of 80 at the 2019 general election. This lack of support has continued through both Covid-19 and the despicable Vladimir Putin-led invasion of Ukraine by Russia. There is also an increasing possibility of him losing his own seat – once that has been solidly Tory since it’s inception in 2010. This YouGov graph is also pretty damning:

The majority consistently think he is doing badly
The majority consistently think he is doing badly

Most Tory MPs remained in denial

However, too many of the Tory MPs remained ignorant of the situation this country is in (or at least in a severe state of denial) and voted to support him. This, of course, will include the current MP for Beverley and Holderness – Graham Stuart. Whilst this is a secret vote and no Tory MP has to publicly declare their intentions, Stuart’s vocal and slavish support tells us all we need to know.

It seems they forget what Boris Johnson is like as a leader, a politician and just a person in general.

  • In 2017 he stated a Libyan city would have a successful future once they “cleared the dead bodies away”
  • In a Telegraph article from 2016, when talking about the brutal Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad, he stated “Bravo – and keep going”
  • Back in 2013 he claimed that women were only going to university to find men to marry
  • In 2010 he called black people “flag-waving piccaninnies”
  • In a 2008 Spectator article he claimed “Orientals … have larger brains and higher IQ scores. Blacks are at the other pole.”
  • In another Spectator article he said that it’s “outrageous that married couples should pay for ‘the single mothers’ desire to procreate independently of men”
  • Most recently, in parliament, he said “Instead this leader of the opposition, a former director of public prosecution – who used his time prosecuting journalists and failing to prosecute Jimmy Savile”. However, Fullfact have cleared found that this claim is false.
  • He’s famously called gay people “tank top bum boys”

This is the sort of man the majority of voting MPs wanted to keep as party leader. This is the sort of man they wanted as party leader and Prime Minister in the first place.

As Prime Minister, Boris Johnson failed to sack Priti Patel despite proven accusations of bullying. His government has wasted countless millions of public money on PPE contracts and a failed test and trace system. He sought to change the rules in order to protect the corrupt Owen Paterson. He is the first Prime Minister to break the law whilst in office. He has shown no regard for those faced with shielding during the pandemic. His government has done nothing to address the housing crisis. Under his so-called leadership, a disability panel was created without any disabled members. It took a premiership footballer to get an extension on free school meals from him. He allowed Gavin Williamson to preside over an utter failure with exams. He had an article ready supporting the Remain campaign, despite going for Brexit and supporting the notoriously false claim about £350m for the NHS. He has been sacked multiple times for lying.

This is just a subset of what he has said and done.

Boris Johnson is not someone fit to be Prime Minister. He is not suitable to be an MP and not right for any sort of public office. Yet Graham Stuart and many other Tory MPs have kept him in his post.

The endtimes must surely be coming for Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Either through another confidence vote, a forced resignation or a general election loss.

He cannot be allowed to carry on for much longer.

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